Most Losses in IPL 

Do you know which Indian Premier League team has the record for the most losses in IPL? No? Don worry, we will let you know this also on today’s blog. So, if you are interested in this unique topic then make sure to read this full guide on our website. 

Mostly, we search for the Most Successful IPL team. But as an Indian Premier League fan, you must think that which IPL team lost the most matches. We bet you must be! 

Most Losses in IPL 

Indian Premier League is a very popular cricket tournament in India. 

This league is conducted every year and we get a winner among 8-10 teams. There are many teams who have won IPL trophies many times and there are also who have lost matches most of the time. 

With this, today we will be looking to the team who faced the most losses in IPL 2023 and other seasons. So, to know more about this topic, make sure to read this blog fully. 

Teams with the Most Losses in IPL 2023

Recently, the Indian Premier League season 2023 has been conducted and we get to see great performance from every team. But every time a team wins, the other losses. With this here we will be looking to the team with the most losses in IPL. 

Check the full tale to know which team has lost the most matches in IPL 2023. 

TeamLost MatchWon
Gujarat Titans 41410
Chennai Super Kings5148
Lucknow Super Giants5148
Mumbai Indians6148
Rajasthan Royals7147
Royal Challengers Banglore7147
Kolkata Kinght Riders8146
Punjab Kings8146
Sunrisers Hyderabad9145
Delhi Capitals10144

Teams Who Lost Most Matches in IPL History

Above you have read about the teams which played the IPL 2023 and faced the most losses in IPL. But as the Indian Premier League was started in 2008, there are many other teams who have lost more than these. We have to check the teams who lost the most matches in IPL.

Below we have shared the names of the teams with the number of matches they lost. 

TeamLostPlayed Won
Delhi Capitals118224100
Punjab Kings11621898
Royal Challengers Bangalore113227107
Kolkata Knight Riders106223113
Mumbai Indians98231129
Rajasthan Royals100206101
Chennai Super Kings91225131
Sunrisers Hyderabad8416678
Lucknow Supergiants123017
Gujarat Titans103323

Teams with the Most Consecutive Losses in the Indian Premier League

Every Indian Premier League season, each team plays 10-14 matches as scheduled. Sometimes they perform great but sometimes they don’t so. But have you ever thought about which teams have lost most IPL matches continuously? 

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Check teams with the most losses in IPL continuously:

TeamConsecutive LossesYear
Pune Warriors 112012-2013
Delhi Daredevils112014-2015
Pune Warriors92013
Kolkata Knight Riders92009
Mumbai Indians82022

FAQ: Most Losses in IPL

Who is the best team in IPL history?

Winning 5 IPL titles, Mumbai Indians have proved themselves as the best team in IPL.

Which side has the highest winning percentage in IPL?

Gujarat Titans have the highest winning percentage in IPL (69.69 %).

Who is the most unsuccessful IPL team?

Delhi Capitals have lost most of its matches in IPL 2023.


This was our guide on the most losses in IPL ever. 

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