Fastest Bowler in the World

Do you know who is the fastest bowler in the world? Well, if you know some of the best bowlers in the world then you must also know the fastest ones. Want to know more? 

Well, the list of fast bowlers in the world is short because there are almost the top 5 bowlers who are known as the fastest bowlers in cricket history. We will like to cover more about them here. There was always a favourite bowler for all cricket fans! Who is yours? 

Fastest Bowler in the World

So, in this post, we will find out the fastest bowler in the world.

Those who like to update themselves with the latest cricket facts, make sure to read this full post. We will cover the top 5 fastest bowlers in cricket and share more details about them. 

Top 5 Fastest Bowlers in Cricket History

There were and are many great bowlers in the world who are known to be the fastest bowlers in cricket history. Here is the list of the top 5 players who can be the fastest bowler in the world. Find more about them here. 

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Fastest Bowler in the World

Shoaib Akhtar 

Known as the “Rawalpindi Express,” Shoaib Akhtar terrorized batsmen with his lightning-fast deliveries, consistently breaching the 150 km/h (93 mph) mark. His aggressive bowling style and intimidating pace made him one of the most feared bowlers in the world during his prime.

Fastest Bowler in the World

Brett Lee

Brett Lee was a formidable force on the cricket field, renowned for his raw speed and accuracy. His slinky action generated immense pace, frequently exceeding 150 km/h (93 mph). He is the fastest bowler in the world. 

Lee’s ability to swing the ball at high speeds made him a potent threat in all formats of the game.

Shaun Tait

Shaun Tait was a fearsome fast bowler who relied on sheer pace to trouble batsmen. 

Nicknamed the “Wild Thing,” Tait consistently delivered thunderbolts at more than 150 km/h (93 mph). His unconventional slinging action and aggressive approach made him a crowd favourite and a difficult bowler to face.

Mitchell Starc

Mitchell Starc is known for his left-arm pace and ability to generate steep bounce. 

With a smooth, effortless action, Starc consistently touches speeds above 150 km/h (93 mph) and can crank it up even higher when needed. His combination of pace, swing, and accuracy makes him a lethal weapon for the Australian team.

Jasprit Bumrah

Jasprit Bumrah has emerged as one of the most exciting fast bowlers in recent times.

His unique, sling-arm action allows him to generate a deceptive pace, often reaching 145 km/h (90 mph) and above. Bumrah’s ability to bowl pinpoint yorkers and variations with his awkward action have made him a key asset for India in all formats of the game.

Current Fast Bowlers: 2023 

Here is an updated table that will let you know who is the fastest bowler in the world! Also, read about the Top 10 Fastest Ball In IPL History.

BowlerFastest DeliveryYear
Shoaib Akhtar100.2 mph2003
Shaun Tait100.1 mph2010
Jeffrey Thomson100.1 mph2005
Mitchell Starc99.8 mph1975
Andy Roberts99.7 mph2015

Fastest Bowler in India: Javagal Srinath

India has produced several exceptional fast bowlers over the years, but one name stands out as the fastest: Javagal Srinath. He is the fastest bowler in the world. You should check Who Is India Best Bowler?

Fastest Bowler in the World

Known for his blistering pace and ability to consistently touch speeds above 150 km/h, Srinath terrorized batsmen with his sheer speed and aggression. His strong physique and smooth run-up allowed him to generate tremendous power and unleash thunderbolts.

Srinath’s raw pace and fiery spells made him a force to be reckoned with, cementing his status as one of India’s finest fast bowlers ever.

FAQ: Fastest Bowler in the World

Who is the fastest bowler Guinness World Record?

Shoaib Akhtar is widely considered the world’s fastest bowler in the history of cricket, having bowled the fastest delivery in cricket at 161.3 km/hr.

What is Mark Wood’s fastest ball?

His fifth ball to Asad Shafique touched 156.6 kmph which is Mark Wood’s fastest ball in international cricket. Shafique had no choice but to bend backwards and let the ball wheeze past his helmet.

What are the fastest ball sports?

Jai alai is the world’s fastest ball sport.


This was our guide on the fastest bowler in the world. 

Who is your favourite bowler? And what is his fastest delivery in cricket ever? Let us know in the comment section. We hope we get to add your favourite bowler to this list soon! 

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