Tea Break Time in Test Cricket

Today, we will be discussing the Team Break Time in est Cricket. This is a very unique and interesting topic in cricket. Not, many guides are provided on this topic so here will be discussing more about this. To know, how long is tea break time in cricket, read more.

The innings break time in test cricket is one of the important factors in test cricket matches. Since, the first match, there were many changes made in the duration and rules of breaks.

Tea Break Time in Test Cricket

A test cricket match is one of the longest tournaments in cricket.

Sometimes, these matches are played for 3 to 4 days. During a match, it is important to give proper breaks to players and others for refreshment and rest. So, they can have some food and plan for their next strategy. Among different breaks, one is the test cricket tea break.

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Test Cricket Match

Test cricket is the longest format of the game, known for its rich history and enduring battles on the field. A Test match begins with a coin toss, determining which team bats first.

Over the years, several changes have been introduced, such as the introduction of day-night Test matches and the implementation of the Decision Review System. Interesting facts include the highest individual score of 400 runs by Brian Lara and the longest Test match that lasted a staggering 12 days in 1939.

Test cricket is a true test of a player’s skill, patience, and endurance, lasting for five days and allowing teams to showcase their tactical prowess.

Test Cricket Breaks

A Test cricket match is renowned for its longevity, spanning over most five days. Each day consists of three sessions, with breaks between. The duration allows for a thorough examination of players’ skills, mental fortitude, and physical endurance.

Test matches are often seen as the ultimate test of a cricketer’s abilities.

Lunch Break

After the first session of play, a lunch break is taken, usually lasting 40 to 45 minutes. Players retreat to the dressing room to replenish their energy and plan for the upcoming session.

Tea Break Time in Test Cricket

Test Match Tea Break Time

Following the second session, a tea break is observed, typically lasting 20 minutes. It provides players with an opportunity to rest, refresh themselves, and discuss tactics for the final session of the day.

We will be reading more about Tea Break Time in Test Cricket in a while.

Drinks Break

During intense periods of play, short drink breaks are taken to ensure players stay hydrated and re-energized. These breaks are usually brief and occur on the field, lasting a few minutes.


At the end of each day’s play, the stumps break is taken. It marks the conclusion of the day’s action, and players head back to the pavilion to rest, recover, and prepare for the following day.

How Long is Tea Break Time in Test Cricket

The Tea Break Time in Test Cricket typically lasts for 20 minutes.

It is taken after the second session of play and provides players with an opportunity to rest and recharge. During this break, players retreat to the dressing room to relax, hydrate, and refuel their energy levels.

They may also use this time to analyze the game, discuss strategies with teammates and coaches, and make any necessary adjustments to their gameplay.

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The Tea Time in Test Cricket is a crucial interval that allows players to mentally and physically prepare for the final session of the day, ensuring they remain focused and ready to continue the battle on the field.

Rules for Test Cricket Tea Break Time

The rules for the Tea Break Time in Test cricket dictate a standard duration of 20 minutes.

This break occurs after the second session of play. During this interval, players are allowed to leave the field and head to the dressing room. They can refresh themselves, hydrate, and have a light snack.

Umpires ensure that the break adheres to the stipulated time limit to maintain the flow of the game. The Tea Time in Test Cricket serves as a pivotal period for players to recharge and plan before resuming the match.

FAQ: Tea Break Time in Test Cricket

What time is tea at the Test cricket?

The first break, which is a 40-minute lunch break, is taken approximately two hours or 30 overs into the day’s play. The second break, which is the tea break, is taken two hours following the resumption after lunch.

How long is the tea break in Test cricket?

The interval between innings lasts for 10 minutes. In Test cricket, lunch (or, in the case of day/night Test matches, dinner) will last for 40 minutes and tea for 20 minutes.

What time is lunch at the Test match?

A standard day of Test cricket consists of three sessions of two hours each, the break between sessions being 40 minutes for lunch and 20 minutes for tea.


This was our guide on Tea Break Time in Test Cricket.

These breaks in Test cricket not only offer physical respite but also serve as moments for teams to plan, analyze the game, and make crucial tactical decisions, contributing to the drama and excitement of the match.

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