Lowest Score In IPL 

Do you know about the Lowest Score in IPL ever recorded? Well, this is a very interesting topic we all search for. Although the highest score in IPL is known by cricket fans only a few are interested to know the lowest score in IPL. 

One of the most popular sports tournaments in the world is the Indian Premier League. It has a massive fan base of millions of fans and viewers from all over the globe. The IPL attracts top players from all over the world. They are paid enormous sums of money. 

Lowest Score In IPL 

This is one of the reasons why the IPL has become so popular. 

Indian Premier League is one of the most interesting games for Indians. During the whole tournament, cricket fans see ups and downs in the matches. 

If you are also a cricket or IPL fan like us then you must have thought, what is the Lowest Score in IPL? In this post, we will be discussing the top 10 lowest scores in IPL till now. 

Why the Indian Premier League is Famous

Indian Premier League is a highly popular tournament globally. A major reason why people love to watch this tournament is that they see their national players playing in different teams. 

This gives goosebumps to every cricket fan!

The other reason why the IPL is so popular is because of the involvement of Bollywood. These movie stars and other famous personalities add glamour and glitz to the tournament.

Also, there are numerous high-profile sponsors. Some of the big names that have sponsored the IPL are Star Sports India, Disney, Viacom 18, Reliance Industries Limited, and Lupa Systems.

Lowest Score In IPL 

With such a large number of fans and viewers, the Indian Premier League has become the largest sporting event in the world. In fact, it has already surpassed the English Premier League (EPL) in terms of viewers.

There are thousands of foreign visitors to the IPL. 

And there are many Indians who live abroad. Many of them play cricket. The IPL also attracts many investors and advertisers. The money that the teams earn is used to create employment opportunities for thousands of people. 

The IPL has been able to make a huge impact on the economy of India. 

The tournament has also helped the cricket boards of different countries understand the power of Twenty20 cricket.

As a result, IPL has been able to generate 60% of cricket revenues in the world.

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List Of Lowest Score In IPL 

The lowest score in IPL is mostly done by Royal Challengers Bengaluru (RCB). This team may be holding players like Virat Kholi and Chris Gayle but due to weak fielding and bowling, they have created most of the time the lowest scores. 

Our list also stats from their match against Kolkata Knight Riders in 2017. They have set a record for the lowest score in IPL at 49 runs in 9.4 overs losing their 10 wickets. 

Also, other teams with the lowest score in IPL are as follows: 

RCB49(10)KKR2017KKR won 
RR58(10)RCB2009RCB won 
RR59(10)RCB2023RCB won
DC66(10)MI 2017MI won 
KKR67(10)MI 2008MI won 
DC67(10)KXIP2017KXIP won 
RCB 68(10)SRH2022SRH won
RCB70(10)RR2014RR won
RCB 70(10)CSK2019CSK won 
KXIP73(10)RPS2017RPS won 
KTK 74(10)DC2011DC won 

Lowest Score Matches In IPL

There are some matches (listed below) where the team has the Lowest Score In IPL.


In 2009, a very amazing match was played between RR and RCB. This match was played in Newland, Cape Town on April 18. In the match, RR made 58 runs in 15.1 overs, while losing all its 10 wickets. 

Soon RCB beats the RR easily and won by 75 runs. 


A match between DC and MI was played on 6, May 2017 at Arun Jaitley Stadium, New Delhi. People loved this match and found the MI batting astonishing. DC made only 66 runs in 13.4 overs and lost their all wickets. 

MI won the match by 146 runs.


At Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai KKR, and MI played a teeth-biting match. This match was played on 16 May 2008. In this match, KKR lost all its wickets in 15.2 overs while only making 67 runs. 

MI won the match against KKR with 8 wickets. 


DC and KXIP both have good players and give tough competition to each other every time. On 30 April 2018, DC scored 67 runs in 17.1 overs and lost all its wickets. This was a very bad performance from DC. 

This match was played at Punjab Cricket Association IS Bindra Stadium, Mohali and easily won by KXIP with 10 wickets. 

Why do Teams get the Lowest Score in IPL?

Not every team gets the lowest score and nor does every team score the highest.  

When it comes to the Indian Premier League, there are teams who have been consistently successful and some that have struggled throughout the years. Some have had the chance to win it all while others have gone through a roller coaster ride of emotions and disappointments.

There are some teams that have the lowest score in IPL. 

Punjab Kings 

The team with the least amount of success is the Punjab Kings. 

They have lost 107 matches in Vivo IPL history. This is one of the worst IPL records ever.

Mumbai Indians 

Lowest Score in IPL

Another team on the list is Mumbai Indians. They have finished bottom of the points table five times and have failed to qualify for the playoffs six times.

Delhi Daredevils 

Delhi Daredevils is another team that has had its fair share of failures. This North Indian team has not qualified for the playoffs for five consecutive editions.

Royal Challengers Bangalore 

The Royal Challengers Bangalore franchise has had its fair share of disappointments. It hasn’t been able to qualify for the playoffs in both 2015 and 2017. In fact, they haven’t reached the finals in any of the last eight years.

Rajasthan Royals 

Rajasthan Royals have also had their fair share of trouble.

Lowest Score in IPL

For the first three editions of the league, the team failed to make the semifinals. After Gautam Gambhir left midway through the season, the team couldn’t keep a solid squad together.

Gujrat Titans 

Gujarat Titans have also suffered from a lack of success in the league. Their players were inexperienced and their captain had a poor record. However, they are now ranked top of the table.

Minimum Score to Qualify in IPL 

This is the lowest score in IPL that you read about. But how can we say a score is low or high? And how much minimum score is needed by a team to qualify in IPL. 

Well, there is no single formula to determine the minimum score to qualify for the IPL. 

The number of points required differs depending on how the season is going. However, it is generally between 7 and 8 wins. Teams get two points for a win, but also one point for a game that is abandoned. 

In addition, the net run rate plays a role in determining how well a team will do in the playoffs. The previous seasons of the IPL saw nine teams competing for the top four spots. 

While it is still possible for more than four teams to make the playoffs, the majority of IPL teams have only qualified with fourteen or sixteen points.

Earlier, the top four teams qualified for the playoffs with 20 or 22 points. 

However, in the 2018 season, the minimum points needed to reach the playoffs were reduced to 14 or 16. Two teams are still in contention for the top four. 

FAQs – Lowest Score In IPL 

Which is the Lowest Score in IPL history?

The Royal Challengers Bangalore are at the top as they were folded for 49 against Kolkata Knight Riders Team.

What is CSK’s lowest score in IPL?

79 Runs Against Mumbai Indians is the Lowest Team Score for Chennai Super Kings in IPL History. As They Bowled Out For Just 79 Runs In 15.2 Overs Against Mumbai Indians on 5 May 2013 at Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai.

Who is the 1 run in IPL?

Virat Kohli has scored the most runs in IPL history.


This was our guide on the Lowest Score in IPL till now. 

All teams try to score higher than their opponent in every match. They totally put their efforts into batting, bowling, and fielding. And wanted to earn maximum points. 

But sometimes the game does not go as it should. This leads to the lowest score in IPL. 

We hope you have found this guide reliable. If yes, then share your views in the comment section. Make sure to mention your favorite IPL team as well!

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