Highest Margin Win in T20 International

This blog contains a full guide on the highest margin win in T20 international cricket. If you are interested in this topic and wanted to know more about it then make sure to read it here. 

Highest Margin Win in T20 International

About 223 T20 international matches are played in India and the numbers are much higher in international cricket. The T20 international cricket has given many great matches. Some of them showed wins with high margins. Do you know any of these matches? 

Well, in this blog we will be reading more about the highest margin win in T20 international. Make sure to check the full blog and know which T20 match has the highest score. 

T20 International

T20 International cricket, a fast-paced and thrilling format, has revolutionized the game of cricket. Played over just 20 overs per side, it offers explosive batting, crafty bowling, and electrifying fielding. 

Highest Margin Win in T20 International

This format has brought cricket to a broader audience and intensified rivalries among nations. Its brevity makes for nail-biting encounters, keeping fans on the edge of their seats till the final ball. Keep reading to know more here. 

T20 International Match with Highest Margin Win

On August 30, 2019, a T20 International match between the Czech Republic and Turkey etched its place in cricket history as the highest margin win in T20 international. Also, read Highest Powerplay Score in IPL.

The match, held in the European Cricket Championship, saw the Czech Republic dominate from the outset. Batting first, the Czech team unleashed a relentless onslaught on the Turkish bowlers. 

They piled up an extraordinary total of 278 runs in their 20 overs, displaying an array of powerful strokes and precise shots to all corners of the ground. Arun Ashokan’s stunning century was the highlight of their innings.

In reply, Turkey’s batting faltered against the disciplined Czech bowling attack. 

They struggled to build partnerships and were bowled out for a mere 21 runs. The Czech Republic secured a resounding victory, winning the match by a staggering margin of 257 runs. 

This extraordinary match showcased the vast difference in skill and experience between the two teams. Check MSD Net Worth In 2023.

Full List

Check out more T20 international matches with high wins. 

TeamAgainstWin MarginDate
CanadaPanama208 runs14 Nov 2021
TanzaniaCameroon184 runs9 Dec 2022
MalaysiaMyanmar184 runs30 Jul 2023
TanzaniaCameroon178 runs6 Nov 2021
RomaniaTurkey173 runs29 Aug 2019

Highest Margin Win In T20 International

Who has the most wins in T20 history?

Pakistan has won the most T20 matches (134)

Who has the most losses in T20 history?

The two times World Champion, West Indies has the most losses in T20 international. Having played 179 matches, the red army lost 93 matches. The most proficient men of this format were never expected on such an embarrassing tally.

What is the lowest score in T20 history?

Isle of Man holds the record for making the lowest T20 score of all time. They made just 10 runs in 8.4 overs against Spain on 26th February 2023 at Cartagena. The previous lowest score was 15 runs, made by Sydney Thunder against the Adelaide Strikers in 2022.26.


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