Fastest ODI Century for India

The fastest ODI century for India is scored by Rohit Sharma! 

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First ODI Match in India 

The First ODI Match in India holds a special place in the hearts of cricket enthusiasts across the nation. It marks the beginning of the highly anticipated bilateral series and sets the tone for the rivalry between two cricketing nations. 

The excitement in the air is palpable as fans gather in stadiums or glue themselves to their television screens. The players, adorned in their national colours, take to the field with determination and passion. 

The match becomes a spectacle of skill, strategy, and raw talent. 

Spectators witness exhilarating moments, breathtaking shots, and nail-biting finishes. 

The First ODI Match in India is not just a game; it’s a celebration of the sport, an opportunity for players to showcase their prowess, and a testament to the unifying power of cricket in this cricket-crazy nation. Read more about the fastest ODI century for India. 

Fastest ODI Century for India

The fastest ODI century for India is a remarkable achievement that highlights the immense talent and power of Indian batsmen. The record for the fastest century in ODI cricket for India is held by Rohit Sharma, accomplished on 13th November 2014 against Sri Lanka in Kolkata.

In that match, Rohit Sharma mesmerized the cricketing world by reaching his century in just 35 balls, eclipsing the previous record held by compatriot Virat Kohli.

Sharma’s knock was nothing short of breathtaking, as he displayed an array of stunning strokes and clean hitting. His innings were a masterclass in timing, technique, and shot selection. 

Fastest ODI Century for India

Sharma’s onslaught left the Sri Lankan bowlers helpless and took the game away from them in a matter of overs.

Throughout his innings, Sharma showcased his ability to find gaps in the field, dispatch the ball to the boundaries with ease, and clear the ropes effortlessly. His century came with a flurry of boundaries and sixes, leaving the crowd in awe of his extraordinary talent.

This record-breaking innings by Rohit Sharma not only cemented his place in Indian cricket history but also solidified his reputation as one of the most destructive and prolific batsmen in the modern game. 

It served as a testament to his ability to perform under pressure and his extraordinary skill as a limited-overs cricketer.

The fastest ODI century by Rohit Sharma for India remains an iconic moment in Indian cricket, a reminder of the incredible batting prowess and the ability to change the course of a match in the blink of an eye.

Fastest Century in ODI Ever

The fastest century in ODI cricket is an awe-inspiring feat that showcases the immense skill, power, and timing of a batsman. 

The record for the fastest century in ODI history is held by AB de Villiers of South Africa, achieved on 18th January 2015 against the West Indies in Johannesburg. 

Fastest ODI Century for India

De Villiers blazed his way to a scintillating hundred off a mere 31 balls, rewriting the record books. His knock was a breathtaking display of aggression, precision, and innovation, leaving spectators and opponents stunned. Check Fastest Half Century In IPL History.

De Villiers’ innings included a barrage of sixes, fours, and expertly executed shots all around the ground. It was a masterclass in controlled aggression, showcasing his ability to dominate the bowlers and change the course of the game within a few overs. 

The record of the fastest century in ODI cricket by AB de Villiers stands as a testament to the incredible talent and skill possessed by modern-day batsmen.

FAQ: Fastest ODI Century for India

Who scored the fastest 100 in ODI for India?

Virat Kohli scored his fastest century in just 52 balls against Australia in 2013. This is the fastest century by any Indian cricketer in ODIs

Who scored the fastest 50 in ODI for India?

Ajit Agarkar still holds the record for scoring the fastest half-century by an Indian batter in an ODI, which he scored against Zimbabwe in 2000 with a 21-ball fifty.

Which is the fastest ODI century for India Rohit Sharma?

The 35-year-old Sharma has also scored his second-fastest ODI hundred in 83 balls. His fastest ton is in 82 balls, which came against England in 2018. Earlier, New Zealand won the toss and opted to bowl first.


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