10 Wickets in an Innings

Do you know in which IPL game teams have lost 10 wickets in an innings? Yes, it is possible and this got possible only because of the best bowlers. Keep reading to know more.

Cricket is a very interesting game. Here, bowlers and batsmen give their best to win. For bowlers, taking wickets is not so easy in national and international cricket matches. They do a lot of practice during their holidays also.

10 Wickets in an Innings

But for some, taking 10 wickets in an innings is not so difficult.

So in this, post we will be looking at some best bowlers in cricket history, who have taken 10 wickets in a match. We will be also discussing some other related facts related to this. This post will increase your knowledge about players and sports. Read till last!

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Players who have Taken 10 Wickets in an Innings

10 wickets in an innings is a very rare feat. It is only one of the few achievements in cricket that a bowler can achieve. There have been 75 players to achieve this feat. The first player to achieve the feat was James Charles Laker.

He picked up all ten wickets for England against Australia at Old Trafford in 1956. The second player to achieve this feat was Anil Kumble. Kumble took 10 wickets for India against Pakistan in 1999.

10 Wickets in an Innings

Only three bowlers have been able to take all ten wickets in an inning in a Test match. We will discuss them later in this post. But, only two of them are from India.

Earlier, there was no formal record for the most wickets in an inning by a bowler. But, it was not uncommon for a bowler to pick five wickets in a match. Since the rules have become more streamlined, it is now possible to claim all ten wickets for a team.

10 Wickets in an Innings in Test Cricket

Some professional bowlers are there who helped to reach 10 wickets in an innings during the test cricket series. These include only 3 bowlers. Keep reading to know more about them.

Anil Kumble

If you’re an Indian cricket fan, chances are you know about Anil Kumble, one of the greatest leg-spinners of all time.

10 Wickets in an Innings

His career spanned 18 years, soon he became one of the best bowlers in the test cricket series. During his career, he took over 500 wickets and finished fourth in the list of top wicket-takers.

Ajaz Patel

Ajaz Patel achieved one of the most prestigious bowling achievements in the history of international cricket.

10 Wickets in an Innings

He was born in Mumbai, he is a left-arm spinner and took all 10 wickets in the first innings of the second Test against India. This match happened at the Wankhede Stadium.

He matched Laker’s achievement against Australia at Old Trafford in 1956 and Kumble’s in Delhi in 1999.

Jim Laker

10 Wickets in an Innings

The legendary off-spinner Jim Laker took a record ten wickets in an innings while playing for England in a match against Australia in 1956. The achievement was so incredible that it was named BBC Sports Personality of the Year that year.

The Player who took 6 Wickets in 6 Balls

Are you asking yourself who takes 6 wickets in 6 balls in Cricket?

You might be surprised that this is the first time anyone has done this in international cricket. But, it’s not impossible! There have been a few instances when a bowler has taken six wickets in a single over, but there aren’t any known records of this happening.

Lasith Malinga took four wickets in four balls against South Africa in a 50-over World Cup match in 2007. Muttiah Muralilitharan also has a record of taking four wickets in four balls, but that was against England.

10 Wickets in an Innings

Similarly, Kevan James took four wickets in four balls in a 1996 T20I against India.

But, that record hasn’t been broken since 2008.

One of the most famous instances of a batsman hitting six sixes in an over is Albert Trott‘s innings in 1899. He hit his six from 120-125 meters, which was the longest six in the history of the game. His batsman was not able to make a run off the first ball of the over.

After he did, the batsman had to master the helicopter shot. He can be played to get 10 wickets in an innings. There are some other batsmen as well.

Best Bowlers in Cricket

There are many popular bowlers in cricket. They have taken many wickets in their cricket career. Soon some of them will create records and help to take 10 wickets in an innings.

We have discussed some of these bowlers below:

Mohammed Siraj

Mohammed Siraj is an Indian cricketer who is a right-arm fast bowler.

He began his career as a batsman and later branched out into bowling. After his debut as a batsman, he earned his maiden Test call-up in the 2020 tour of Australia.

Josh Hazlewood

The son of Trevor and Anne Hazlewood, Josh Hazlewood was born in Tamworth, New South Wales. He was the youngest player to ever play for the New South Wales men’s cricket team.

His father is a former Australian Test cricketer, while his mother is a makeup artist.

Trent Boult

Trent Boult is a left-arm fast bowler who is one of the best new-ball bowlers in the world.

He is regarded as a potential successor to Tim Southee. The pair have 67 wickets between them and have helped New Zealand win many matches.

Rashid Khan

A young and talented cricketer, Rashid Khan is a leading figure in the sport of cricket in Afghanistan. He is the youngest player to top the ICC rankings for bowlers in the ODIs.

His career has seen him play for 25 different teams in various formats.

Shaheen Afridi

Shaheen Shah Afridi is an emerging Pakistani cricketer making waves in the shortest format of the game. At just 18 years old, he is already a rising star in the international scene.

Despite his young age, he has already mastered the art of fast bowling and he is set to become one of the top all-rounders in the world.

Shakib Al Hasan

Shakib al-Hasan is an all-rounder from Bangladesh who is known for his exceptional talent in all formats of cricket. He is the top wicket-taker for his country and is considered one of the best all-rounders in the world. 

In a career of 16 years, Shakib has won many awards and accolades. His contributions have been vital in helping the Bangladeshi cricket team to achieve its goals.

Kagiso Rabada

Kagiso Rabada is a South African cricketer who plays all the major formats of the game.

A fast bowler, he was the youngest bowler to take 150 Test wickets when he played his debut match in July 2018. In a career that is just beginning, Rabada has already established himself as one of the most feared bowlers in the world.

FAQ- 10 Wickets in an Innings

Has anyone taken 10 wickets in an innings?

Tich Freeman achieved it three times and three other players – W. G. Grace, Hedley Verity, and Jim Laker – have done it twice. Laker (in 1956), Anil Kumble (in 1999), and Ajaz Patel (in 2021) have achieved this feat in Test cricket.

What happens when you get 10 wickets?

In cricket, a ten-wicket haul occurs when a bowler takes ten wickets in either a single innings or across both innings of a two-innings match. The phrase ten wickets in a match is also used. Taking ten wickets in a match at Lord’s earns the bowler a place on the Lord’s honors boards.

Is it possible to take 11 wickets?

Patel then accounted for Dom Sibley, Joe Root and Ben Foakes to become the first bowler ever to pick up 11 wickets in a D/N game. He had starred on Test debut with a five-wicket haul in Chennai and picked up 6 for 38 in the first innings in Ahmedabad


This was our guide on players/teams who got 10 wickets in an innings.

Some of the players listed in this post have the capability to take more and more wickets in their careers. Hope we get to see some new bowlers show their best performance.

Which player do you think can score 10 wickets in an innings? Let us know in the comment section. 

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